Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting there

Well, on my way today out to get a midi controller. Been playing with the Acid XPress 7 software and it is totally awesome.

I'm sure that people who make music properly would say "pft" but since I'm starting out I really like it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First podcast finished!

Sweet! I'm on a roll.

Okay, so the first podcast is in the can. Haven't put it up on the website since the host is having issues at the moment and the site is down. But that's okay because I haven't built the site yet!

So got the first one done on schedule (finish them on Sundays for a Monday publication) even though I had a bit of a learning curve with all the new software. I'm using three or four programs at the moment. No doubt I could do it with a single program if I paid for a good one, but I like using freeware.

In related news, dug out the old music I'd made under the Dj Pyro name back in the day and pulled the better ones (read: less bad) into a ten-track album. Of course, calling the album "Pyro" but putting it under my new stage name of Tsbytomd.

So it is all coming together nicely. I have an old friend who has offered to show me how to do midi sequencing and stuff so that should be good. I have a program (also freeware) to get started with and if i can pull some halfway decent stuff together then I'll be splashing out for a midi controller of some type. I have a few on my watchlist on eBay to see if I can pick one up cheapish, but I'm not holding my breathe.

Looking forward to getting started!