Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've been pretty good and focussed at work for the last ... what, six months? Seven? I've been focussed and managed to not let being away from my family get to me.

My lovely wife was doing some work cleaning out the shed at home and put up some pictures on FB.

Got hit with a massive wave of homesickness.

Wouldn't have thought that some simple photos of what is essentially a bare cement floor would affect me so hard. Feeling really blue right now, just gotta buckle down and stay focussed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chugging along

It's been a quiet two weeks, just the usual goings on. I was duty student this week which may sound interesting but really doesn't require much.

I wouldn't mind having a car or motorbike available to get around with but those little luxuries cost money. Mind you, if I was going to get a vehicle, I think I'd prefer a motorbike. A bit more dangerous but cheaper on the day to day.

Oh well, if I really wanted stuff for myself, I'd make more money.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Caving in the mine

Had some spare time today and we had a chance to go explore an old mine nearby.

Pretty dark so couldn't get any decent photos, but it was good fun. The mine was a little disapointing because it didn't go very far. I think the council blocked up some of the passageways to stop people going in too deep or falling down any shafts.

Very fun to explore, and a nice break from work.

In the fields

Out in the hills, tenting and on rat packs. Good fun so far as we are helping out others that are being assessed rather than being assessed. And the weather has been really good too - warm days, cool nights and only a little spit of rain once... so far at least.

Had a go at playing car crash victim, drunk reveller and angry protester twice thus far. Feels nice to get a chance to do a spot of acting again. Help feed the others in the group and keep the momentum going.

Still a bit longer to go, but stressing a bit as I haven't heard anything about my leave apolication. I guess it should be approved but there's a chance I've done something wrong in the application process.

Fingers crossed I get to go home. Missing my wife terribly.

So much harder

Been trying to organise getting some time off to see my wife for fifteen days now. So very frustrating, get held back and stymed at every turn. Like trying to run uphill with random hurdles. Through blackberry bushes. While dragging tyres...