Monday, July 29, 2013

6km in 43 minutes

I've worked out that my regular jogging route covers just a hair over 3km according to Google Maps. I do two laps in the mornings and today it took me 43 minutes.

Not too bad considering that I've only just started after 10 months of no jogging. :)

This afternoon: push ups. :o

Sunday, July 28, 2013

25 days and counting

Yesterday I was up at 5am to go jogging in the dark and the rain. Dedication, or insanity?

Still need to work on my push ups. My chest has always been weak and my techique needs improvement. I got used to doing push ups "the hard way", spread eagle. With arms out wide and feet out wide too. I can bang out 20 but get puffed really easily.

I "know" the proper way to do a push up, I just need to develop those muscles in order to do it properly... by doing push ups!

Sit ups on the other hand... ow!

Friday, July 26, 2013

27 days to go.

First day today. (Actually, yesterday would be the first day but I'm calling it day 0). Off to a good start. Did three laps around town, which is just over 9km in total. Will do pushups and situps tonight.

Tomorrow will be the hard one. I'll be sore from today and I'll have to go out first thing in the morning before work. As in right after I get up. As in before dawn.

Yup, hard one...