Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Last post for 2007

Well, another year is nearly over.

There is still a fair amount of time left in this year, I just won't be on-line. This trip should be interesting since I'm going to a convention but I don't yet know whether or not I've been accepted to it.

I might end up kicking my heels in Melbourne with nothing to do for two weeks.

This year was fairly busy but I didn't accomplish all that much.

On the to-do list for next year (let's see how many of these actually get done):

  • Join a gym, and go there.

  • Work on and promote

  • Get a girlfriend (17% chance)

  • Make myself better in order to improve chance of previous item (see first item).

  • Cut hair.

  • Start giving a damn (24% chance)

  • Go on at least one (more) holiday.

Let's see how I go in the new year. Have fun everyone, look after yourselves and stay happy. :o)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Not a creature was stirring...

Well, it's 10pm on Christmas eve and I'm sitting in front of the computer cruising the internet. How sad is that?

The Wikivella is coming along nicely (which is code for "stuck"), so that project should really take off next year (which is code for "I'm lazy") and I think it'll be great (which is code for "I suck").

Most of the sites that I run are either dodgy little free-host scabs or really basic low-traffic sites that nobody gives two hoots about so they are all fairly stable. Nobody is trying to hack into them because there's no reward for the effort involved.

Maybe I should look into porn or drugs. As in making and selling, not using. That seems to be where the money is, and it's a traditional passtime for my background. Meh, I'm too lazy to become a druglord. My mum says I'm so lazy I'll have to marry a girl that's already pregnant...

Kinda looking forward to this trip with mixed feelings.

It's going to be fun and all, but I don't really fit in with the people that are going to be there. I've never really fitted in anywhere. I don't know what it is, but there has always been this obstacle between me and other people, especially females.

With guys, I can joke around, understand them and carry out a conversation. Females - totally different story. I'm always edgy, on guard. Being careful with what I say, how I act, how I move. It's like I'm trying to move through a lion cage, being careful to say "nice kitty" every so often but with no sudden moves.

After I get back from this trip I might be heading south for a trip with a few lads from work, and later on next year I might wander off over east again on another trip, this time on my own.

I've been living at home for too long, and it's making me soft.

What am I saying, it's not making me soft - I was never hard to begin with.

Man I suck...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting ready to travel

It seems a bit strange to be sitting in front of the computer in mid December wearing a jumper. It's meant to SUMMER dammit! At least it is on the bottom half of the planet.

Anyway, have the 'big' trip to Melbourne coming up and haven't done anything about it so I should probably get busy planning and sorting out clothes and stuff. If there's anything that I need to buy, then I've only got another day or so, plus they're be all the normal Christmas crush and madness - yuck.

Everything is humming along nicely - had the car serviced, is coming along nicely and most everything seems to be going well.

*runs for cover*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 is in full swing

Okay, the latest project is happily churning away. is now up and running and has moved from alpha to beta. At the moment, I'm busy putting up my notes and errata and by around mid February it should be interesting enough to start advertising.

How successful it is will depend mostly on the quality of my writing, which should hopefully polish up as I create more work. I'm really liking the idea of using a wiki to write stories as I can go off on little tangents or just make a link to a non-existent page so as to give me a reminder of what I need to write at a later stage.

I can see how writing stuff in a wiki can be so addictive.

On a side note, I'll be heading over east for a few weeks at the end of the year and that'll mean that my sites will all go pretty quiet during that time (I'm not the type of person to lug around a laptop on holidays just to access the internet!). Most people will be off spending time with their families anyway.

Have fun everyone!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Project! Again!

It seems like I'm announcing these things every damned month! Grr!

Anyways, on to the sadness:

The new Project is what I call a "Wikivella". Essentially, it'll be a collection of short stories (that I haven't written yet) and displayed for all the world to see in a Wiki.

If you want to have a squiz today, you can see it at Obviously, there's nothing there at the moment.

I tried video, I tried stop-motion, I tried webcomics and now I'm trying this. It's what I was inspired to do during NaNoWriMo this year. I don't know how many stories or what type they'll be, but the main idea is that I'll create a universe (hence the name) and then have my stories set within that universe.

Sort of like fanfics set in the Star Wars 'universe' or the Star Trek 'universe'. The place is set up, and then the stories take place within that place. The advantage being that because it's not locked to the same characters or the same places, any type of story can be written (mostly - I'd like to see me shoe-horn a sword and sandal epic into a Sci-Fi world).

Oh man, how could I have sunk so low...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Next Project ... is on hold

Right here is where I'd be talking about my next project.

Annoyingly, I'm having difficulty with what should be an easy thing to do. I've bought a new domain for this new project from my normal hosting provider and but their server won't let me add it to my existing hosting package.

It's a business package so I should be able to have six add-on domains plus six parked domains (for a total of thirteen domains on a single package, plus sub-domains). But cPanel on my site tells me that I'm allowed zero add-on /parked domains.

Support are looking into it, but they don't work weekends... *sigh*

So much for spending the weekend setting that up... no doubt it'll be ready on Monday morning since I have to go to work and won't have any spare time until Thursday.