Monday, December 24, 2007

Not a creature was stirring...

Well, it's 10pm on Christmas eve and I'm sitting in front of the computer cruising the internet. How sad is that?

The Wikivella is coming along nicely (which is code for "stuck"), so that project should really take off next year (which is code for "I'm lazy") and I think it'll be great (which is code for "I suck").

Most of the sites that I run are either dodgy little free-host scabs or really basic low-traffic sites that nobody gives two hoots about so they are all fairly stable. Nobody is trying to hack into them because there's no reward for the effort involved.

Maybe I should look into porn or drugs. As in making and selling, not using. That seems to be where the money is, and it's a traditional passtime for my background. Meh, I'm too lazy to become a druglord. My mum says I'm so lazy I'll have to marry a girl that's already pregnant...

Kinda looking forward to this trip with mixed feelings.

It's going to be fun and all, but I don't really fit in with the people that are going to be there. I've never really fitted in anywhere. I don't know what it is, but there has always been this obstacle between me and other people, especially females.

With guys, I can joke around, understand them and carry out a conversation. Females - totally different story. I'm always edgy, on guard. Being careful with what I say, how I act, how I move. It's like I'm trying to move through a lion cage, being careful to say "nice kitty" every so often but with no sudden moves.

After I get back from this trip I might be heading south for a trip with a few lads from work, and later on next year I might wander off over east again on another trip, this time on my own.

I've been living at home for too long, and it's making me soft.

What am I saying, it's not making me soft - I was never hard to begin with.

Man I suck...

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