Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Most of the time, when I remember dreams, I only dimly recall them in the first few minutes after waking up.

Sometimes, I remember them longer, long enough to share them with my Wife.

I might get into the habit of writing them down in the morning. I've read somewhere that it helps to develop memory and increase your chances of lucid dreaming.

Plus it might give me some ideas for creative writing!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Current projects

I love being creative.

I definitly prefer to be a creator rather than a consumer. If I could have my dream job, that would be movie producer. But each movie is a multi million dollar gamble, with no guarantee of profit (or even any income at all!) It is truly a rich mans game.

At the moment I have three creative projects running. The first is guitar; I'm trying to learn how to play. Not very hard though, I spend very little time practicing. My main excuse is that I can't afford new strings, but that's a pretty lame excuse at best.

My second is writing. I've been doing creative writing on and off for a number of years now. And I'd be so much better at it if I wrote regularly. Or had people read and provide feedback on what I've written.

I just found a writing community who specialise in old stule CYOA type stories. I might give that a go, get some feedback.

My third project is making unfinished storyboard type videos for youtube. It can combine my desire to create movies and write stories into a one-man-show type of studio. It'd be like storyboards with audio. A few challenges on that front, but it gives me an excuse to draw more.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lost posts

How frustratement.

I use the Blogger App on my phone to write and publish my posts. For the first time, I had some sitting there with "publish failed" on them. And I think I lost a few as well.

Not sure why it wasn't publishing, but a phone reset got it working again. Not that anyone would notice if I wasn't putting anything up for a while! :P


I'd been thinking back to the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books I used to read as a child. I had a go at writing my own a few years ago but didn't complete it since I couldn't hold all the plot elements in my head at once (among other things).

This morning I was looking at better ways to organise it to keep a better idea in my head.

At the moment I'm looking at doing the rough outline on paper, then laying it out in page numbers in a spreadsheet, then coding it in html to chuck it up on my website.

Now all I need is time...


I've been doing a bit of poking around today and -yay!- managed to unlock one of my old YouTube accounts. :)

I still can't get at the one with the LEGO video on it, but I'm not that fussed about that one.

I had been considering just creating a new channel, but I'd rather use an existing one. Especially since the videos I'm planning on making (maybe, fingers crossed!) won't be getting heaps of views.

We've yet to see if I'll be creating anything at all. In order to pull it off to a standard I'm happy with, I need to improve my drawing skills and (if possible) get a halfway decent microphone. That second one is not very likely at the moment (or anytime soon). But the process should be fairly simple... write out some short stories, record the dialogue, then draw some pictures.

Easy to write...

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Home life

Home for a week of RnR, before getting stuck back into work. Lost a lot of resources during the month down south, now trying to gain them back.

Most of the week now gone, got about 6% of what I wanted to do actually done. Last chance to get some more done tomorrow.