Thursday, November 25, 2010

Music site rebuild complete - time to start again

Ha! I'm never satisfied. Since I've stalled on my music "career", I may as well use the site for testing purposes. I've only just finished re-building it in html 4.01 strict and now I want to port it over to html 5.

I think it's worth the effort as more and more browsers are supporting html 5 and it is the way of the future We'll see if this pans out or not.

Gallery - Redux

Well, it took longer than expected (like everything) but my new gallery is up and running.

Actually, it's probably not very well done as the main gallery index does not show any actual photos! It is a list of links to the pages that have the photos. Not the best way to do it since there are no "hooks" to grab people and get them into the photos themselves. My bad.

You can check it out here and see what all the fuss is about.

In other photography related news - my new camera has arrived! *squee* You can't see me, but I'm totally doing a happy dance right now. It's a Canon Kiss X4 and it's just dandy. I've only just started playing with it, I'm hoping to get some photos to share this weekend (or sooner!).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mildly interesting

I have had enough with the spam comments so I have turned anonymous posting off. Sorry to those few who wanted to make a quick comment without registering / logging in / creating a shell account. However, you few were in the minority, and the vast amount of garbage that was collecting was getting annoying.

The mildly interesting part is that most of my visitors come from three places. Australia, which will be mostly me and a few of my friends who read this, America (US) where occasional people pop up and read and sometimes leave a comment and ... Russia.

I wonder which accounts for most of my spam?

Be interesting to review visitor numbers in a few weeks now that the anonymous posting has been switched off. And a captcha has been added as well.

Sorry. But gotta fight the spam...