Monday, November 23, 2009

I’m pretty sure Nano is a bust now…

Well, it’s the 23rd and I’ve effectively written no words for Nano. I mean, I wrote a whole bunch of words for my article on the old Atlantis Marine Park (mentioned in my previous entry) but they are not part of a story and so don’t count.

If I wanted to go for it and write out for Nano, with only seven days left, I’d have to write just under 10,000 words per day.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I probably could write that much if I really wanted to and if I had the time, but since I work full time and have other commitments, I would only have about one or two hours a day to write in.

And I’m not writing 8,000 words an hour!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Atlantis Marine Park

For those that don’t know, Perth used to have a large number of theme parks back in the 80’s. One of those was the old Atlantis Marine Park. It had dolphins and sea lions and slides and all manner of stuff that was exciting if you were a kid back then.

Of course, if you went there as a teenager or had been to bigger, better parks on the East Coast then you would have been bored out of your skull. The place pretty much only had six dolphins and a few other small animals.

It’s been closed for nearly 20 years, but I went up there to have a look at it a few weeks ago. Wandered around and took a bunch of photos while I was there.

Finally got around to organising it all and writing out a proper article. You can read it here and see the photos that I took. It is quite interesting, if you happen to have been there.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Australian Computer Resellers – ripoff merchants

Dammit! Tried a new computer shop out today and got majorly ripped off. The guy there had no idea what he was talking about and most of the systems that he was selling were way overpriced.

I have no idea why the hell I bought the stuff. If I thought about it for three seconds I would have told him to stick it but I was in a hurry and not paying attention.

Paid over three hundred dollars for bits that shouldn’t have been over $200 if they were new. And these are retarded refurbished parts.

Caveat Emptor – and I wasn’t aware.

So damned angry right now. If the place wasn’t so damn far out of the way I’d march back there and demand a refund. As it is I’d end up losing too much time.

Gah! Oh well, serves me right for shopping in a hurry. Memo to self – take a list, take your time!

If you live in Perth and are planning on going to Australian Computer Resellers – DON’T! They’ll just rip you off.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aaaand … NaNo comes to a crashing halt

Well, I gave NaNoWriMo a half-hearted stab this year. I went to the first meet-up and managed to get 500 odd words done at the first write-in. And pretty much stopped after that.

I’m still trying to write, just shifted targets for a bit. I’m now starting (yet another) project - Fallen House. It’s going to be a bit of a crossover between a webcomic, a novel and a wikivella. It’ll be piggy-backing on the back of Orbital Cauldron for now, though I may give it its own domain at a later stage.

In anticipation of this, I’ve ordered a graphics tablet which will hopefully be arriving sometime next week. This will help with the “webcomic” part of it. I may use the Orbital Cauldron Wiki or the Loneverse wiki, but at the moment I am planning to keep it away from the Wiki model since that normally tends to make me dither.

So at this stage I am gearing up for this project, Loneverse still on the backburner and Orbital Cauldron still needs a bit of a tidy up to allow it to be promoted.

Now all I need to do is to get stuck into it and WRITE!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Word Count: 7

Well, NaNoWriMo is under way again.

I woke up fairly early and decided to get stuck into writing as soon as I could. However, since mum is still needing care due to her having had an operation a few days ago, my writing time (and inspiration) is coming up short.

No matter, it is still only 7am on day one, so there is plenty of time left. Only 49,993 words left to go…