Sunday, November 22, 2009

Atlantis Marine Park

For those that don’t know, Perth used to have a large number of theme parks back in the 80’s. One of those was the old Atlantis Marine Park. It had dolphins and sea lions and slides and all manner of stuff that was exciting if you were a kid back then.

Of course, if you went there as a teenager or had been to bigger, better parks on the East Coast then you would have been bored out of your skull. The place pretty much only had six dolphins and a few other small animals.

It’s been closed for nearly 20 years, but I went up there to have a look at it a few weeks ago. Wandered around and took a bunch of photos while I was there.

Finally got around to organising it all and writing out a proper article. You can read it here and see the photos that I took. It is quite interesting, if you happen to have been there.

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