Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Website woes

Well, sometimes upgrades work without a hitch and sometimes ... they don't.

Upgrading the hosting plan on my main site and it's gone a little pear shaped. Mind you, it's partly my fault as I'm moving it from an Australian host to an American host (still the same company, they just offer hosting on both continents). I could have gone with hosting in Australia but the  American plans offer twice as much storage and twice as much bandwidth for the same price.

At any rate, at the moment the site returns a "domain not found" error message, but hopefully it'll be up again in a day or so.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Celebrating 300,000

This was kind of cool.

Got home the other day and looked down at the tacho on the car and it read exactly 300,000km's (that's just over 186,400 miles for those using Imperial).

It isn't the insane amount of distance covered that I found cool, just that it happened to land on 300,000 as I stopped at home. I knew it was going to change over soon, but it didn't occur to me to carry the camera around and pull over when it clicked to it's thirtyeth millenia.

But I'm glad that it came up when it did, so I ran inside and grabbed the camera. That's why the oil and battery lights are on - the engine is switched off (no, I wouldn't try and take a photo of the dash as I'm driving along!).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

No longer a twit

Well, I had enough and deleted my Twitter account. Not that I was doing much with it, but it created a conflict. I'd provide a link but, you know - I deleted it...