Friday, January 30, 2015


First week nearly done. :)

This is going to be two months of Mondays but the good thing is our staff make a good effort to vary things up and keep us busy. And we get nights and weekends off, so that gives us a bit of down time to pursue our own interests.

I've set myself the goal to do a NaNo this Feb. There are only 28 days instead of 31 but I should have more time to write. This should get me back in the habit. I sat down in front of the laptop last night but I just pottered around and edited some old short stories instead of writing something new. I also crashed pretty early, and woke up early as a consequence.

No plans for the weekend, other than writing. Some of the chaps and chapettes are heading off to spend the weekend away. Bit jelly but no matter. Service before self. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New location

Day three at new base.

Just in holding now, but looks like I will be here until at least April. Not too long in the grand scheme of things but still annoying to be back in limbo again.

On the plus side, my pay should have gone up. Not by a whole lot, but an increase is an increase.

We'll be doing PT every day but at least we also get classes and such while here, so it isn't full limbo. Gotta make sure I stay on top of PT, especially pushups.

Those assessments shouldn't be hard, should feel like a light gym session.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Local leave

On the town. The boys are down the pub having a drink, I'm rocking the wild side down at the library.

Taking advantage of the free wifi and have phone plugged in and on charge. Still on a spend no money budget so it's good I was able to have breakfast before we lefy and we should be back in time to catch dinner as well. Means I only have to skip lunch.

Did splash out and buy a 75c pencil case to carry pens and a notebook around with - all in one place. Haven't found a good size notebook that will fit this case though. It will take an A6 quite easily but the only ones I have found are 200 pages and take up all the space. If I can find a 100 page spiral bound one then that would be perfect.

I'll keep hunting around...

Friday, January 23, 2015

First stage complete

Nearly five months of training and I have reached the standard required. It took five weeks longer than it should have due to my lack of pushups plus an extra two weeks for the Christmas break but today I completed training.

On Monday I will get on the bus and move on. Not sure if I will be going into a holding platoon for a few months or just a few days but I still need to complete the next round of training before I can get on with the job of doing my job.

I'm looking forward to driver training, I like big vehicles and it should be quite interesting.

Just stay focussed.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last post... for a while

I fly out to work early in the a.m. tomorrow, so this'll be my last post on here for a while again.

I'll have intermittent internet access, mainly via my phone. But the biggest issue will be being time poor, so not a lot of opportunities to post on this blog that nobody reads.

Although I've been running this blog since 2007, the updates have been a bit hit and miss. At least now I have an excuse.

I'll also try writing a few posts in this app and batch uploading them when I get 'net access, see how that works.

See y'all around. I'll be writing every chance I get...