Sunday, June 26, 2011

Work (or lack thereof)

Haven't gotten very far in my quest for work. Actually, if I'm honest. I've gone backwards. I'm about $3,000 down in the training and tickets and such that I got (which as far as I can tell, haven't given me any advantage at all), plus about $1,800 down in expenses (rent and petrol and such) plus (using my previous pay as a base rate) about $3,500 down in missed pay.

That's nearly ten grand in the hole (depending on how you count), so from that point of view, my attempts to "get in the mines" has been a dismal failure. I managed to get two automated "not you" replies out of all the applications I sent out. Could I have sent out more? Sure, but I mainly aimed at the ones that I genuinely thought I had a chance at getting. I didn't apply for any that said "need two years experience".

So what's next?

The next step for now will be to find a new job, something local. My preferences are to not be dealing with the public, but I'll take what I can get at the moment. I'm not in dire straights yet, but I think that I've spent long enough out of work now. Time to get back on the horse.

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