Thursday, April 2, 2015

Losing skin

I always knew the job would entail some bloodshed, no surprises there. And I knew medical would be included, that was always a given. And the few times I've needed it, it's been good to have it there.

But sometimes they go a little over board, a bit too protective. Lost a bit of skin off my elbows, not a big amount or enough to really be an injury. Just painful and a bit annoying. So I went in to get some betadine swabs, no biggie.

No, we can't just give you some betadine. Yes, you have to sign in. No, we won't take your word for it. Yes, we need to clean that up. Yes, we need to put dressings on that.

And then they put me on restrictions for a week.


I just wanted some swabs. Now I know for future reference. Small stuff, just go to the chemist. Don't go in for medical unless I'm carried in there.

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