Sunday, July 27, 2008


Not sure what sparked this off, but earlier today I remembered something that happened a few years ago.

It must have been around 92 or 93 because it happened while I was living in Sydney. I was at a group activity and it was after everything had finished. Myself and a few other people were in the carpark and most people had gone. Another chap and I were sitting on the boot of one of the cars. I can't remember what car it was, but it was a sedan.

The driver started the car and backed up slowly, so we thought that he knew we were on the boot. As he drove out of the carpark I was thinking "I'll jump off when he stops at the gate". The driver did not stop at the gate and then took off up the road at full speed. I was sitting on the back of a car, with my palms flat on the metal desperately hanging on. The other chap did not fare as well and he fell off.

I think that it was when the other guy slid off the car that the driver noticed something wrong and stopped the car. I jumped off and ran back to were the other guy was. I don't remember much of what happened after that, but he ended up with a fractured arm. If I remember correctly, he had been holding on to a basketball and that's why he slid off while I didn't.

Don't know why I remembered that...

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