Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, didn't do anything that I had planned for this weekend. I really ought to make lists so that I can keep track of these things. Actually, I should do that now:
  • Solder up the LED lighting for LTPD.
  • Start making LTPD updates, generic starter ones (need 38!).
  • Get judging for QSA contest done.
  • Prep package for randomparrot so it can be mailed on Monday.
I think that's everything that is important at the moment. I'm sure I'm forgetting something though...

In other news, as the title implies, I've started buying stuff off eBay. I have a remote release and macro extension tubes for the dSLR on order. Hopefully they will arrive this week. Might need to use the A550 in the meantime to have bigger images to play with that can be cropped.

Need to add "build sets" to the list.

One last little diddy: found a great master builder on Flickr: legoloverman's flikr. I have yet to find something of his that didn't look like pure win.

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