Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yet another weekend

Well, I have a little free time on my hands. I get so damn tired at work that when I get home I just want to lie down and sleep.

The annoying thing is that it isn't physical tiredness like when I was working on construction sites. It's mental exhaustion from dealing with the public all day. Seriously, how do more people not accidentally kill themselves each day? I work in an electronics store and the number of people trying to do things that are flat out dangerous amazes me that they are still alive.

In unrelated news, we might be moving soon. No idea where or when, but we've been living in this house for about a decade and a half and it is high time that we moved on I reckon.

In yet more unrelated news, I don't think I mentioned before that I picked up a dSLR camera. I have no idea how to use it, but it's about ten years old and there are few things that I need to buy for it. A new battery to start with, a remote would be nice and possibly a new lens.

My wallet is cringing already.

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