Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quiet, but sane.

Not much has been going down in my corner of the world. We're pretty lucky in that we haven't been hit too hard with the current financial troubles and no major problems have come up.

Still playing with the new camera, need to put up a couple of photos that I've taken. Some are okay, most are rubbish. Hopefully I'll be getting better - I just need to get out there and take more photo's.

I'm sort of over the "buy lots of Lego" phase. The main reason I was trying to buy more was for my not-going-anywhere Lego-webcomic idea. Since I have not bothered making any updates with it using what I already have then I figure that I', probably not going to do many updates even if I had a huge amount of Lego.

I'm also kind of over the "lets buy a motorbike" idea. Most everyone I've spoken to has gone out of their way to tell me stories about people getting mangled riding on motorbikes (and shown me videos). Plus the initial set-up costs are greater than the savings over several years worth of riding rather than driving.

So I'm kind of in limbo at the moment. I don't have any big plans to aim for, I don't have any projects in the pipeline and I'm not doing anything creative.


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