Friday, April 3, 2009

Still thinking about the motorcycle

I am undecided.

One day, I'm all "oh noes, that would be terrible - not to mention dangerous!" and the next day I'm "hell yeah, this is an awesome idea!"

I'm looking at prices and it looks like it'd be a minimum outlay of around $4,000 for a banger - $3,000 for a bike (assuming I find a cheap one) and $1,000 for safety gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants).

I can understand the safety gear being a bit dearish since you need it new, but what I find annoying is that everyone I speak to says "small engine bikes don't sell well, you won't get your money back on them" but all the under 250cc bikes I look at are about the same price as new. Which is kinda retarded. Even old bangers from the 80's are several thousand.

Unlike cars where it is easy to find a rolling bomb for under $500 which just needs a little tlc to keep it moving. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. I wonder if it is worth the effort of finding a good wreckers and buy all the bits for the bike and then put it together myself?

Now that is a really bad idea...


Sarah said...

Don't they sell motorbikes on E-Bay? :-p
Have you tried the quokka or auto trader? Or the West on a Saturday?

And... you're right. Trying to build it yourself is a bad idea - even if you are a fully qualified mechanic. I'm just thinking of those who share a living room with you - they don't need spare parts all over the floor and grease on the carpet - and face it - you know thats where it will end up. For months. Or maybe years...

Dr Neo Lao said...

*slaps forehead*

Thanks for pointing that one out - picked up a copy of the Quokka earlier today.

I did have a look around eBay. There is a good range of decent priced bikes over in the Eastern States but once you add in the $1,000 odd dollars to ship the bike over here then it isn't as much of a bargain.

I'll keep hunting around looking for a cheap-ish entry-level bike.

Sarah said...

Ok, the e-bay bit _was_ a joke, but hey - next time I'm in the market for a motorbike I'll know where to start... :-p

Dr Neo Lao said...

Actually, depending on the budget and the type of bike one is after, eBay isn't that bad of an idea.

There are a number of bike transporting companies that act as middle men and can do an inspection of the bike when they pick up. If one was looking for mid-cost bike (circa $6,000) then there are some decent bargains to be had.

This is due to Easties having a bigger market with more competition between people selling bikes.

Just don't forget the insurance...