Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy busy busy

Well, this blog has gotten very few updates.

No surprises there. The new job I mentioned in Spetember had been flat out. I haven't had time or energy to do other things.

So there were no posts at all for October - very remiss of me. The reason the new job had such a sudden workload increase is that I was originally hired to be an assistant to the existing IT guy. About two weeks into it, he said "I'm outta here" and quit.

That left me as the guy in charge and with practically zero documentation! Had to spend a long time working out passwords, what systems we had and every time I turned around there was something else new which I had to deal with.

So long story short, I'm almost on top of things now. Got plenty written down and whoever replaces me will be able to do in about six hours what took me six weeks to work out.

So now I should have enough time to do other stuff, like work out and take photos.

*fingers crossed*

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