Monday, February 27, 2012

Oi vey...

Today I was meant to get some exercise seeing as it's my day off, and do a spot of writing.

I failed at both - just sat at the computer most of the day eating chocolate. :-(

Obviously I'm not cracked up to be a writer. I don't have the passion for it. If I was a halfway driven writer I could have written almost three quarters of my million words since I started writing in 2007. Instead, I only have my very first NaNoWriMo novel and three half-hearted stories. And a site "devoted" to my stories ... with nothing on it.


Now I want to sit down and eat chocolate to make myself feel better again.

Well, I need to head out now, so I'm out of time to write and I'm out of time to exercise. I really need to stop making piss-poor excuses and just write. I even have a sticker that says "You've got better things to do!" on my monitor so I can see it when I'm piss farting around on the 'net.

"Anybody can say you can't write - don't let them say you don't" - Howard Tayler

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