Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Busy week

13May - Passed my initial driving assessment. For me, having prior driving experience made it easier and harder. I can handle the truck and drive confidently but I also have all the bad habits I've picked up that I had to unlearn and focus on not doing.

15May - Had a good first week. Was a bit of a strain on the old noggin but got through theory week. We did our stage one driving week. That one wasn't too bad but I just need to stay on top of the right way to do things (rather than the way I'm used to, which is a collection of bad habits). But doing good so far, so can't complain.

17May - Bit of a wasted weekend. Don't have the funds to go anywhere so I binge watched some Big Bang Theory. Would have been more productive if I'd written something. Might have to rethink the whole 'be a writer' thing...

18May - We were out in the bush doing some off road driving. There was an emu hanging around and I managed to hand feed it a bit of bread. I didn't think it would come so close. Must be used to people feeding it, probably why it hangs around there.

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