Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting lost... the best way to find new things about a new city.

I've lived in Sydney before, but we spent most of our time then living out in the suburbs. It was pretty rare to come in to the city since there wasn't anything that we really needed here. There were all sorts of shops and schools and pretty much everything we needed was within walking distance.

However, since I'm currently living right in the heart of the city, I figured that the best way to have a look around and find out where things are is to simply take a walk. Last night I went out and simply wandered around in circles looking for places of interest. I found loads of little restaurants and shops and small places of interest that are off the beaten track. I even stumbled across the Sydney Entertainment Center which I didn't realize was just around the corner.

In other news, I can't currently connect to my sites via ftp software. I'm not sure if it's the connection I'm on or if it's my software (which is kind of old) but it's annoying because it does not let me connect and update my sites. I'll have a hunt around with different programs and see if I can figure out a workaround without having to go to a net cafe or something.

So far, life is pretty easy, but I wouldn't want to live here permanently - it's a tad expensive and there's too many people.

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