Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cheap apples =/= good apples

I've been buying a lot of apples lately. They're tasty and a good pick-me-up.

Well, not a <i>lot</i>, just more than I normally would. Sundowners, Royal Gala, Cameo and a bunch of others that I've been trying out. Yesterday when I went to do a spot of shopping, they had the regular apples at around $4 a kilo (more or less) and they had some Red Delicious for $2 a kilo. So I figured I'd give them a go.

Yuck. Soft, powdery, flavourless - I'm glad I only bought a couple and not a whole weeks worth. I'm mighty tempted to just chuck them out, but I hate wasting food. So yeah, cheap apples are not always good apples.

Also, last night there was a barge in the harbour shooting off fireworks. It was pretty cool because I'm so high up, I was pretty much level with the fireworks. They weren't too far away either, probably about two hundred meters. It was really loud. Pretty short display, but was still okay. I think they may have just been testing or something because there wasn't a crowd and there didn't seem to be a reason for them to be setting them off.

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