Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pure Woosh

This is so far beyond bored it has reached excited

Well, it's been an interesting day. And by interesting I mean frustrating.

I've been helping someone setting up their server and it's been a most frustrating experience. The instructions are cryptic, the support is more of a hindrance and the connection is unreliable at best, downright mean at worst.

On the plus side, it's now stable and running fine.

In unrelated news, I'm hungry, so I'm going to go grab something to eat.

In related news, I've been doing a bit more work on loneverse.com, and it feels good to be finally doing something a bit more proactive for it. I had been seriously considering buying a graphics tablet but decided against it, at least while I'm here in Sydney. I might pick one up when I get back to Perth though.

And I saw someone wearing a t-shirt that had "Pure Woosh" on it. I have no idea what that means.

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