Sunday, January 4, 2009

And ... yet another project

Well, let's see now.

First, I tried my hand at stop motion animation. I wasn't too bad at that. I made three films (one proper film and two tests). I still hang around that community, but I haven't made another one in three years.

Then, I tried my hand at webcomics. Three times. Turns out I can't draw consistently (though I can draw well) and I'm rubbish for keeping to schedule. Actually, the first comic did alright - it had a start and an end and I managed to keep to the update schedule. The second one did okay too, until I just sort of ran out of steam and stopped updating. The third one doesn't count as it was a test site.

After that I tried my hand at writing. Again, started off okay, but simply haven't had the momentum to keep it going. I mean, over the Christmas break I had four days off during which I was going to get busy and write a whole lot of stories. Then I had two more days off, then New Years and now another weekend.

During which time I haven't written a single word.

Actually, I wrote a fair bit - just not on my site. I've been busy larking about on forums and YouTube and other people's sites and ignoring my own. That one is still going, I'm just dropping its priority level (is there a level below "no effort at all"?).

Anyway - I have another project that I am starting to work on now. I have no idea how this one is going to play out. It does require a little bit of an initial outlay, but it isn't too excessive. I'll keep this one under wraps for now, but hopefully it'll keep my interest a bit longer.

I'm reluctant to lock down a specific goal for this project as that seems to be a cue for me to lose interest, but I'll see how it goes.

More news soon.

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