Saturday, January 3, 2009

First post for 2009

Well, an auspicious start to 2009.

Got smashed in an attack on the OGame. A fleet of over 60,000 ships is pretty hard to fight off. On the plus side, it'll give me more time since I don't really care about it any more. I wasn't really playing that much, not the proper way.

Our cat was attacked by another cat. My brother took her to the vet to get sorted out. For some reason she'd bitten down so hard that she had bitten into her tongue and couldn't let go.

Cat got her tongue?

Sorry, really lame joke. Anyway, as usual, not much to report - other than it is stinking hot. I toyed with the idea of making more stop motion movies with Lego, but can't be bothered. Still looking for a creative outlet. Drawing didn't work out, music never got off the ground and writing isn't coming along very well either.

The hunt continues.

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