Thursday, September 18, 2008

A kiss on the cheek

Just how meaningful is it to kiss someone on the cheek?

Most of the time it's a simple greeting, a way of saying hello. If it's someone that you know and have known for a long time then it's about as important as a handshake. If it's a new person you've never met then it's probably just their way of greeting and if you observe them then you'll probably see them greet several people the same way.

Giving a kiss on the cheek is usually no big deal. Getting one, especially when it's not expected can have a variety of meanings.

I'm not a big kisser. I don't go around kissing everyone I meet (though some people I want to!). I don't have a problem kissing people as a greeting but as a general rule, I normally initiate. That is - most people (by which I mean ladies) don't kiss me first.

So when a lady kissed me recently it caught me off guard.

It probably didn't mean anything and I'm reading more into it than is really worth the effort but it meant something to me. I'm not saying that I'm going to start writing sonnets or that I'm going to give her all my worldly possessions but I have to admit that it did mean something.

Anybody reading this probably won't care, but I found it nice and was a nice moment for me, so I wanted to share it without going into specifics. So yeah, I'm happy. Or at least a little happier than I was.

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Andrea said...

That is extremely cute Leo, but who is she? where were you both when she kissed you. We NEED the specifics!!!