Monday, September 1, 2008

OGame - so addictive, but...

...I've broken the habit!

It's such an addictive game. For those that haven't played it, here's the basics of it: You are in control of a planet and you build up it's resources, make ships and attack your neighbours. You can colonize more planets, wage wars and form alliances. And it's all free - nothing pay, just register and away you go.

Now, it's a browser based game and it's basically just watching numbers count down (no funky graphics) but it is so damned addictive! You get into the habit of logging in several times a day to trigger more updates and see who is attacking whom.

Anyway - it was taking too much of my time. So I decided to stop. But since my planets had such large mines and production facilities on them I decided not to let the account be deleted. So I'll just log in once or twice a week to keep my account active so others can raid my planets. Soon all my defences will be gone, but I don't really care about that.

In other news, the cat looks like it might be pregnant.

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