Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fresh Car

Okay, this weekend I picked up a new cage to cart my sorry backside around in. It's not the motorbike I wanted, but it'll keep me dry this coming winter.

It's a Ford Corsair and I'm happy I managed to get three out of four. It's a sedan, it's a 5-speed manual and it has a towball. The only one I missed out on is that it isn't rear wheel drive.

Oh well. Let's see if this Ford lasts me longer than my last Ford. The big red Falcon died after only a few months. Actually, this one gave me a bit of an initial scare since it died 500 meters from the car yard. Luckily it was just out of gas and a quick trip to the servo with a jerry can got it up and running again.

First thing tomorrow, drop it off at the mechanic for a service and inspection.

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