Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Does magnetic generator = free energy?

I have done about three minutes worth of research, so it's not like I'm fully appraised of this, but I was wandering around YouTube and found some interesting vids.

First, the claim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAk3tiaOewo

Basically, this chap is saying that you can get "free" energy out of a magnetic arrangement motor so it becomes a generator. For this thread, I'll use the definition that a generator is a device that creates more electrical energy than you put into it (a standard petrol generator converts petrol into electricity).

Sounds like a load of bunk, right? There's no such thing as free energy, anybody who knows anything will tell you that.

Anyway, looking around I found a few samples which (appear) to use the same principle in order to achieve motion (and potentially generate power) without putting energy into the device (ie - it's a generator, not a motor). Essentially, it consists of a ring of magnets placed around a centrally spinning assembly that also has a magnet. The trick is that each magnet is slightly further back than the previous magnet, so as the rotating magnet spins, the attraction becomes smaller.

Here is an amateur "working" sample that illustrates the placement of the magnets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdJkL3L-344

Okay, so that one didn't work very well, but it is a hand-made jobby and so one can't expect it to be perfect right off the bat. So let's look at a more professionally built unit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCANbMBujjQ

Here you can see the possibility. The device has been built to a tighter tolerance and has a counterweight on the back. Presumably the magnets have been matched in order to ensure that the attraction for each magnet is at the same intensity. However, we don't know for a fact that all the movement is being generated by the magnetism alone. You can see that there is a device, presumably a magnet / coil assembly (ie - a motor) at the pivot point with some wires going off to the right.

If you think that this idea works then you would assume that it is a motor being used to get power out of the system - the device is a functional generator (albeit, only a small amount of power).

If you think that this idea does not work, then you would assume that it is a motor being used to put energy into the system and keep the device spinning.

I don't know either way as I have not looked at the device in person.

From simply looking at the magnet arrangement I can see how the device might work (in theory) by having the magnets attracting the rotating magnet in a rail-gun type manner and as it spins around, it is attracted towards the magnets in turn. However, one would assume that it would be attracted to the closest magnet and simply stop there (as seen in the amateur version). However, there is at least one group who have made a working generator (or at least claim to) that they say is capable of generating enough power to run a house.

That's a fairly big claim.

Anybody else heard of or know something about these?


Anonymous said...

These stupid things have been around for many years - run a search for "perpetual motion machines". There's no such thing as free energy.

A machine that uses electro magnets consumes power. A machine that uses permanent magnets will wear out the magnets. These machines are a load of bunk and if they worked, they would change science at a fundamental level.

These machines show up every few months and are not worth the time it takes to read about them, other than to educate yourself on what not to spend time on.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it. If it works then no it is not 'free energy' The law of conservation of energy must apply. Thust where is the energy comeing from?

Answer: The mangnetic energy. By creating the energy the magnetic energy in the magnets MUST deplete over time. IN other words it would not be 'free energy' simply Very cheap VERY efficient energy.

Anonymous said...

Before you completely discount these motors, perhaps you should be reminded of a few things:

1. Regarding the 'Law' of Conservation: "Lex malla, lex nulla" ... "A bad law is no law".

Just because it's a law, doesn't mean it can't be broken. For a demonstration of this theory, just go out to the nearest highway with a radar gun.

2. Necessity is the mother of invention: And as Willy Wonka once said; "Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple."

Many inventions have been ridiculed over the years, primarily when those doing the ridiculing weren't the first one to come up with the idea. This causes the "I deny what I don't understand" effect. It may be important to note that in 1903, the US Congress came just one vote short of permanently closing down the US Patent Office. It seems that, according to their scientific experts, everything in the world that could ever be invented, had already been invented. What scientific foresight! We could have saved ourselves the grief of automobiles, airplanes, television, even nuclear power and space travel.

Enough said ... I've had my fun.

gran said...

anything abosulte, take a law, can always be broken at some level. however, it does not add up. The magnets cost money to create and electricity to keep the polar components alligned. sapping energy out of this generator will unalign the polar components of the magnet and converts its potential energy into electricity.
When you consider that no energy converting device runs with 100% efficiency you will find that it will take more energy to run then it will give out in any significiant durantion of time.
I'll eat my words when these devices actually become utilized - my bet is they wont.
On that track.. there is a generator called Lutec - it makes outrageuos clains to improve enegy output of generators by 440%. Its possible, but only If power generators run at around 20% nowadays. Im goign to have to call bullshit.

Anonymous said...

What a load of bunk. There can never be a machine that produces more energy than what it put into it. Losses due to friction which results in the conversion of some energy to heat (another form of energy) are always present. The Law of the Conservation of Energy is just that--a law. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It can however, be converted but there is always some loss.

draxon9 said...

This machine has the potential to work. Inertia may actually send the magnets far enough to be attracted to the next one. This could quite possibly be very cheap and efficient energy.

But assuming you could get the geometry working efficiently enough to derive enough energy to make more magnets, the fundamental nature of magnetism still gets in the way. Magnetism itself is produced by the rotation of individual electrons in the atom. If you were able to derive energy from magnetic sources, the only logical atomic source would be the motion of individual electrons, just as the only logical atomic source of fossil fuel energy is a chemical breakdown. The law of conservation of energy would state that the atoms themselves would cool in the process of demagnetization, as the energy would be derived from the atomic electromagnetic fields, and thus from the energy of the atom itself

As Anonymous said on July 21, there always is some loss. This would be a loss of the heat friction perpetually creates. Rather than inventing a source of perpetual motion, they may have developed an efficient way to recapture the heat lost to friction. The total amount of energy and mass in the universe cannot increase or decrease, but it certainly can change its form in a heartbeat. It could work.

But lets face it, inertia would be the only hope. I have some sincere doubts about whether even that could actually be true. If magnet A has enough inertia to punch through magnet B than magnet B certainly not strong enough to give enough push to magnet A for it to... you get the idea. You would need to have different magnetic strengths at different times. And that takes energy.

But who knows? Nobody thinks about all the energy that must be constantly pouring out of the earth that counteracts our own inertia, our tendency to fly off this planet of ours that is constantly counteracted by gravity. They say that gravity is the geometry of a higher dimension of space-time. Maybe this geometry works too.

So it all boils down to one question.

If it works.

And that is a very, very, very, big IF.

Anonymous said...

Re "just go out to the nearest highway with a radar gun."

Let me know when you catch someone going faster then 186,200 miles per second.

Duane said...

I agree with many of the comments made on this subject. One of the greatest minds of our time(Tesla), defied many Laws of science. I will stay optomistic and research this propetual motion device in more detail. Proof is in the pudding, I would be intereasted in hering from someone who as actually been succesful in constructing one of these devices. on a large scale.

mike said...

it is true that the lutec magnet generator is not a "free energy" generator its actuly a overunity drive while it is true it uses power to alternate the magnets to keep the generator going from what i have seen and read they feedback power into the generator so it feeds its own power demands , i believe this generator could work . For those of you who say laws cant be broken they were made by a person and people are proven wrong all the time laws are written and rewritten all the time as our understanding of the universe grows , stop thinking in the box

Anonymous said...

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