Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Would you believe it?

Can you believe it? It's raining in Sydney ... in April!

The rain in Sydney falls gently.

What are the odds of that happening? Heh, at least I managed to stay dry and do my shopping today.

Not a whole lot to say about today other than the usual. Managed to get a bit of coding done and have a few ideas for more work on loneverse.com and maybe another essay or two for my main site.

Annoyingly, the ideas aren't enough to properly flesh them out and do what I want with them, but hopefully I'll be able to flesh it out a bit more into something useful. So overall, it was a good day today for me.

Unlike this poor chap:

Poor chap, van broke down

He (the red van) was stuck there for a while (you can see him in the first picture as well), but a towie came and got him soon enough. Hope it wasn't too expensive a problem to fix. And he wasn't rear ended, despite a few close calls.

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