Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scenes from a balcony

Just a couple of pics that I've taken from the balcony here at the place I;m staying at. The view is pretty good, better than lust looking at a blank wall.

On a rainy day looking out at Darling Harbour

I can see Anzac Bridge

The photos above and below were taken on the same rainy day. The bridge that you can see is Anzac Bridge in Sydney. The rain was pretty heavy and it was going most of the day.

It's so misty I can barely see

The photo below of the setting sun came out rather well. Of course, it is slightly over exposed but I'm still fairly impressed considering that it was taken with a little cheap digital camera on auto.

The setting sun, looks good but slightly over exposed

I love the cloud formations

The photo below of the setting sun in the cloudy evening sky is one of my favourites so far. It came out really well, the light was good and overall I really like it.

My favorite shot of the setting sun. Looks great and came out really good

The rain on the city streets at midnight. Looks really nice and it came out surprisingly well considering how dark it was. Another of the shots that I really like.

Rainy city streets at night.

Nice shot of the evening light.

The colour didn't come out quite right on this last one, but it's still a nice photo of the sunset. I like taking photos of the sunset because home is in that direction...

Really nice sunset with Anzac bridge in the midground.

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