Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And... I'm in Sydney

Okay, so I've arrived in the big city and it' my first day here.

I've already sent off a bunch of emails looking for a place to stay that's a bit more stable. I'm currently staying on Ian's sofa (and a comfortable sofa it is too) but obviously I'll need my own room and such.

The flight was fun. It was smooth most of the way but hit a bit of turbulence on the arrival in Sydney due to the weather. The movie was 'The Invasion' with Kidman which wasn't that great but since I hadn't seen it, I was happy. The meal was pretty good and we even had ice cream. Qantas all the way baby! No way would I fly Virgin or Jetstar again...

Not much to report yet, it's first thing in the morning so first order of business - hunt down breakfast.

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