Saturday, February 23, 2008

A couple of pics

Gotta love my original blog post titles!

Anyway, just have a few pics to share. We've been doing a whole mess of cleaning and such around the house since I'm leaving. It was going to happen anyway, but it was precipitated by a small accident:

The collapsed shelf

Apart from being really overloaded, the heat probably affected it. As its a thin metal shelf, the heat and the weight of all the books and such on it caused the thing to collapse. Made a hell of a racket, apparently.

Around the back yard and the house I had a whole bunch of engine blocks, gearboxes, diffs and other assorted car parts.

Skip full of engine blocks

We hired a skip bin and just started throwing stuff in. Originally I wanted to take all that metal to a scrapyard, but I didn't have any way of transporting them. We ended up throwing out a whole bunch of junk that we didn't need and the bin ended up rather full:

What a load of rubbish

The plus side is that the shed, which had previously been quite full:

And this was after removing a lot of stuff!

Is now much emptier, cleaner and there is even enough room to turn around in:

The downside is that we had to evict a lot of spiders and such and the next day we had a couple of them show up in the house. Of well, win some, lose some.

Only a few days left until the move, so starting to get a little nervous. Other than the usual problems with moving, everything is (so far) running ok.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Spring cleaning - gotta love it.