Sunday, August 11, 2013


Last night, I had tuna for the first time in my life. It isn't something that was cooked very often in my old house (never actually, that I can recall).

Aparantly, when I was younger I was at a friends place and when his mum made him a tuna sandwhich I asked "why is she giving you cat food?"

Needless to say, I got into a bit of trouble over that one. I didn't eat fish and the only experience I had with it was feeding our cats.

At any rate, the smell still makes me gag, but I drowned it in mayonaise and olive oil, and that made it paletable. I probably need more fish in my diet anyway.

Talking of tastes, I'm having a raw egg in a cup of milk in the mornings after my jog for protein. The taste is okay, but the consistency is a bit... slimy. Can't do much about that but I've decided I'm going to add a squirt of maple syrup. To improve the taste, add a bit of sugars and use up the old maple syrup rather than chucking it out.

On tonight's menu... lamb's fry.

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