Thursday, August 2, 2007

Don't read as I don't say anything...

Meh, bland day. Rainy since it's winter down here.

Mood: sour.
Listening to: raindrops on the roof. No, really - raindrops on the roof. It's not the title to some obscure indie album (though it probably is...) It's so nice when it rains and you're indoors.
Wearing: Woolly jumper and slacks.
Drinking: Gatorade. Cos, you know, I gotta sleep soon.

Got a bands contest to go to tomorrow. Down at the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth. It's the finals for WA's Next Big Thing contest and we do the video clip for the winners. Except that the head of the company (and the only other member) is away, so I'll have to do it myself. No equipment, no locations and no budget. That's going to be a totally awesome video clip...

We've done some good ones. You can have a squiz at them on this page if you're interested. My personal favorite is 'Dr Mephesto' out of the ones that we've done so far.

Today's Tool: Nobody really stood out as being a bit of a tool today. Probably because there were few customers due to the rain and that I spent most of the day putting stock out rather than dealing with the customers.

There was this one chap, but he was only unsure as to the difference between American appliances (110VAC, 60Hz) and Australian (240VAC, 50Hz) and was wondering why his appliance blew up. But he wasn't a tool, just uninformed.

Mood: A little better. Turns out blogging is a nice outlet. Better than a diary at least.

Might as well eat some dinner and veg out in front of the tv...

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