Friday, August 31, 2007

Just a Quickie

Last post for August. How time flies...

I picked up a couple of 512Mb SD cards for the camera, so I should be able to take more pics at once. I also got myself a couple of rechargeable batteries and a charger. Now all I need is a decent subject to photograph...

Maybe I'll start a photo-webcomic. The lowest of the low.

In other news, the exercise thingymajiggy seems to be going well. I'm still averaging around an hour for the walk (which I guesstimate is around 5 and 1/2 or 6 kilometers). My left ankle is hurting a bit, but I'm not sure why. I don't recall stressing it and if it was because of the walking, I'd expect both to be hurting, not just the one.

Finally; I use Firefox which has this nice spell-checker built in. What I want to know is, why do words like "okay" and "pics" come up as being wrong but a word like "guesstimate" is accepted???

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